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The biggest feature of cargo pants is the large pockets that are located next to the thighs and knees. Now pants with more pockets and different designs are produced, but the main design of cargo pants is six pockets



Cargo pants are one of the most popular garments in the world, which have attracted the attention of many people due to their strength and versatility. This type of pants, which has a special design, was first used as the clothes of workers and adventurers, but today it is known as a fashion item


Wide jeans

One of the most popular wide trousers is known as the denim model, which is produced from denim fabric. This wide casual pant model is used for fun, sightseeing and shopping. You can style it with a cute top for many occasions
The denim skirt is suitable for all seasons and according to your taste and style, you can pair it with different crop tops and blouses.







A hoodie is very similar to a sweatshirt and jacket, except that it includes a hat. Usually, the hoodie is made of cotton and yarn, and some hoodie models contain wool. However, the variety of hoodies is increasing day by day and is produced and supplied in different materials
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Baggy pants are basically loose pants with elastic in the waist

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Pull&Bear is a Spanish clothing and accessory brand that started working in 1986. First, this brand was founded under the name of New Wear, but in 1991, it was bought by the Inditex Group and was officially rebranded as Pull&Bear. Inditex Group is a wealthy and leading group in the world of fashion, which also owns Zara, Massimo Dutti, Breschka, and Mango brands. The headquarters of this brand is in the city of Naron, located in the state of Galicia in Spain. The focus of this brand is on streetwear and casual accessories for youth at an affordable price. In recent years, due to the young people's interest in this brand, it has built new production lines and for this reason, it has diversified the range of Mojo products in stores

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